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The Heart Behind the Name

As a mother, it’s my greatest desire that my sweet little girl grows up with the faith it takes to chase her dreams. I want her to know that doing what you love means that you get to be the best version of yourself possible and you get to be a gift to others along the way! That is the heart behind Brooke Walston Weddings and Events. Over the past 11 years, I have had the privilege to work with over 20 special couples to ensure that their wedding day surpassed even their wildest dreams. Everyone always looks at the bride when she makes her bridal entrance, but not me! You will always find me looking at the groom! There is nothing like seeing the love between two people and the joining of their lives and I would love to make your wedding day everything that you could ever imagine!
I have also planned numerous events such as engagement parties, receptions, showers, etc. and would love to help make your event absolutely perfect!

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